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Allow me to introduce myself! I am Deirdre, aka Dee, and I am currently finishing my 200 hour RYS training through Yoga For the Planet. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, and have found a place of confidence and solitude through yoga. I never thought I would find a place where my mind was calm, but I have done so and could not be happier.

My journey to this place started in 2013. I have been morbidly obese since I was in the second or third grade. In 2013 I decided to learn to love myself and start taking better care of my body. It was slow going at first. I started by cutting out bread and going on a walk in my neighborhood. I tried some metabolic workout programs and things like that, but just the lack of bread and moving more helped me lose the first 50 pounds. In July of 2014 I found myself laid off from my job as a Librarian, and my mom introduced me to Training for Warriors. I got a groupon for $30 and I got to work out in this crazy new style (at least to me) for a whole month. During that month I ended up getting a teaching job about 4 hours from where I called home. It was only part time, but I was determined to make things happen in my life. So I took a chance and took the job. I moved in with some friends who lived here, Wilmington, NC, and they helped me get established. By the spring of 2015 I moved into my own place. I didn’t have a gym family anymore, and even though it was only a month long journey there that experience gave me so much confidence. It was also where I was introduced to yoga.

So, I took the job, moved, got established, and started working out at the gym on campus. I didn’t much like working out with my students, but I still made myself go 3 days a week. As time progressed, I started to put back on the weight I had lost, and that wasn’t okay with me. Lucky for me, on a trip back home, I went to my old gym and my old coach put me in touch with a man here who had a Training for Warriors facility. I joined in October 2015 and have been an active member ever since. Not only did this help change my body (fat loss and gained LOTS of muscle), but it also helped me with my anxiety. I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which makes it 7 times harder for me to lose weight, but also causes high anxiety and various other annoying things. I was diagnosed at 16, I still have it, and will forever. But, one thing I know is that working out has helped me so much. I also eat very clean (about 90% of the time) and adhere to a paleo lifestyle. I avoid dairy, grains, and things that my body sees as sugar (starch, sugar, etc).

Sometime in 2015 I started practicing yoga at my house. I got an app for my phone and would work on some poses once in a while. My friend and I would do some yin yoga in someone’s living room and learn to zone out and focus on our breath. I needed the yin style yoga for the tension and such that I gained from lifting heavy weights. From there I started doing more flow type yoga. I still didn’t have the nerve to go put my chunky self in a studio with a lot of women and men who were more skilled than I. My friend ended up becoming a certified instructor and she started teaching at my gym. She and I practiced together often and she taught me a lot about the practice. Breathing, meditation, history, etc. For her and her guidance, I will be eternally grateful.

Spring of 2017 came around and I decided as one of my resolutions for the year to get my certification. So I signed up for the training, and here I am, almost finished and excited to get myself going. I graduate July 23, 2017. I don’t have a place in a studio just yet, but I’m working on that and in the meantime I want to come to others and help them find some happiness and solitude.

I hope that we can all become friends and enjoy the practice together. Contact me with any questions or requests. I’m currently located in Wilmington NC and am looking to stay in the surrounding counties. I hope that I can inspire others as others have inspired me.



This is me 6 years ago at my sisters wedding, and me May 2017. I don’t normally pose in bathing suits because my arms and legs are dimpled and saggy, but I am proud of this progress! I want to show the world that even though I don’t have the normal yoga body type, I can still flow. So please don’t think that your weight or level of flexibility can hinder you from being successful. I am living proof that anything is possible with some love and determination. Fun fact: I’m only about 20 pounds lighter in the now vs the then, but I’ve gained so much muscle that my body has changed drastically!

Please contact me if you want to set up a time to practice, learn some information, or just talk about health and wellness (physical and mental!).


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