Solstice Rituals

Happy Friday, y’all! It is the last day of Autumn and Winter swiftly approaches. I love the cold, not that it really gets cold here all that often, but I do enjoy it. Leaving my last gig at work for the year last night it was 34. That’s pretty cold! But it is also nice. You can breathe easier and warmth is so comforting. The cold days are numbered at this point…sadly.

The Solstice is tomorrow. It technically happens at 11:19pm EST. The longest night will pass and we will slowly climb back into those long sweltering days, full of sunshine. However, with the Solstice comes lots of rituals. Some light up candles in windows and put lights on your evergreens. You line your house with the greens too, just to remind yourself of a time when the world was less barren. If you do suffer from light seasonal depression, I like to diffuse vibrant smells of Spring, like Jasmine oil or similar flower you enjoy. But that happens deeper into winter for me. Right now I’m still thrilled with Holiday flavors and smells like cinnamon and cloves.

I’m always interested in what people do to celebrate. The Germanic tribes of Europe would drink mead and read poetry. Which seems to be a common theme in various cultures. There was a lot of drinking because 1, it was a celebration and 2, by the Solstice the reserves were ready to drink, and folks were doing their best to stay inside and warm. And the alcohol was safer than water (now days it is probably similar!).

I’m teaching a special Yin yoga class. It is my normal Saturday class and time, but I’m working on making it a bit more special. Candles and lights, cider and candy canes for after were done. Deep, invigorating, but stable postures. Focused on Muladhara Chakra to help us be settled and grounded going into our hibernation mode. So that we can connect inward and focus on ourselves through the winter and see what our hard work can accomplish come the Equinox. I’m really excited. From this point forward, I’m working on utilizing the lessons of the cosmos and see what I can make happen in my life. What do I mean by this? Well, the idea of really focusing inward for winter and seeing what abundance comes by spring. It won’t be long, but some focused effort will really make all the difference in my life and my goals. Oh, and to reconnect with my best girls I’m hosting them on a Sunday in January to build vision boards and drink coffee.

I think the first step in making all things you want reality is to spend some time being thankful for what you do have, and learn to be content where you are, wherever that is. That content part is usually what is the hardest for me, as I tend to live in times other than the present, thus creating a gap. But I really am truly thankful for the people I have in my life, for the lessons I have learned in this 36 years on earth, and the experiences I have had. I will be cliche and say that what choices I’ve made and what things I’ve lived through are what made me who I am. Had things been different, like had my dad died when his kidneys failed when I was 11 instead of his body giving out when I was 35, or had I gone to school in Michigan when I was accepted at 19 instead of going to the beach and attending there. One turn of the wheel and I could be in a different life, so I’m making more focused decisions in 2020, to insure that when that year wraps up and the decade is in full swing, I will be able to see the focus and work I have accomplished.

I’m ready to put in the work I’ve been neglecting. It is never, or now.

Happy Solstice! Enjoy what may come.

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