Cold Moon Reflections

It’s a chilly morning here in the Port City. I do enjoy the crispness of winter as it starts to trickle in. Another week and it will be official. But I have to say the arrival of this Cold Moon was in fact cold. The day before it was like 77 degrees and people were commenting how it was the best day we’d had in ages, and then the moon came and COLD. Again, I love it.

It’s dark for so long now too. Looked it up the other day and over the course of the year we lose 4 hours of sunlight. That is bananas to me. I also wonder what subscribing to not to Daylight Savings time changes things. That is another soap box for another time, because I think we should all opt out. Especially since the temps are getting hotter and the more sun we have the better the chance of everything drying out faster. Yes, the climate crisis is my reasoning to change to–normal all the time, time.

Okay, walking away from that soap box. I have had a cool week. Yesterday, my first day off and party planning and prep day. I’m having a holiday party tomorrow and I cleaned the shit out of the house yesterday. I also went and bought all the snacks. Those things were nice but the best part was having a beer with people I hadn’t seen in a while. Two colleagues and a former student who is now colleague status (except that he isn’t because we don’t work together but he could be because he’s educated!). I had the best time because I got to bitch about work, but I also got to talk about art! And being in that conversation last night gave me some knowledge about things for the future. I’m not getting too crazy yet, but I have some things to research and I will get back to you.

They say with this full moon because it was full at 12:12am on 12/12 made some important power shifts into Gemini and things are coming. Big powerful things are coming. And I think that chat last night may have been part of it. That set one ball rolling.  I’m working on coming up with some intentions for this new decade. I am excited. Profoundly excited actually. The number one mantra I have going forward is that I do not have expectations for the day, year, etc. Because I can’t tell you what is going to happen. However, once it does happen I can reflect and tell you what I observed and then make a judgment on the situation/experience/whatever. So far it really is going well. I used it for the cruise I went on in November, because I had never been on one, so I had no expectations. I just let it happen. And it did. My point being, I am not anticipating the future, but I am setting intentions to work toward, so I have energy concentrated toward things I want for myself. I’ve lacked some focus for a while, and it is refreshing to have the ability to work on things you’ve been putting off enough. Making time in the day for things can sometimes get overwhelming but I intend to prioritize these goals. What else is there? Life isn’t about losing weight and paying bills. I want experiences and adventures too.

Just some thoughts and ideas. Nothing too major! I hope you’re all warm and snuggly this morning. I hope your coffee (or other morning beverage) is delicious and tastes just the right way. I hope you remember to eat breakfast and it is also the best. I hope you take a moment and do something kind for a stranger and a friend. And most of all I hope you love yourself unconditionally….even if it is the hardest thing you ever do. Have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week ❤


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