Holiday Spirit!

My dad was always a huge Christmas person. He worked in the industry for a long time and though he downsized the tree and such as time passed, he always loved it. I have decorated more this year than probably I ever have living on my own. My boyfriend doesn’t mind, and even seems to enjoy the warmth that only holiday lights can provide. We are gearing up for our first holiday party. If you know me well enough I love to have parties because I like to cook for people, and show them how much I love them. This year, tho it isn’t very holiday-esque, instead of a fruit cake or pumpkin pie I am making cinnamon rolls. My sister makes the BEST, so of course I asked her for the recipe. I’m excited to make them, it will be my first official time making them myself. Should be interesting!

Because I love to use food to show people I love them (I know its probably not the BEST way to show someone you care, but it is one way that I really enjoy, so at the holidays it happens!).  Also the more chance at it getting royally screwed up, but that is always possible. One of the ladies at work last week was telling me how she had made a cake from scratch, and how she never realized how much butter was in icing. When it became Betty Crocker’s pot of icing you didn’t think about it, but Betty C also puts a lot of butter in her icing, it just comes with a plethora of chemicals to keep it stable on the shelf.  I have found that if you’re not a cake person, it is likely because no one ever made a cake you’ve eaten from scratch. This is a VERY limited theory, so I can’t 100% swear it to be true, but in my situation with a friend who didn’t like cake, it was valid.

This year is technically the second winter holiday season in this house. Only this time it isn’t in the unpacking phase of the move AND we actually have places to sit. But it is decorated! The party will have a bit of a European influence– as we just returned from a trip to various cities along the Danube where they were getting the holiday markets open. We didn’t get to go to any, but I like the holiday market idea with the mulled wine and ciders. I wanted to go crazy with the food i’m making, but I also reminded myself I asked people to bring food too, so that would just be over kill. I’m focused on the cinnamon rolls (vegan and not), in addition to a charcuterie spread. That does not come in a vegan option, but I always make sure to have a couple. I actually try and accommodate all my friends eating habits to make sure they feel welcome and seen.

But I think the part I am most excited for are the candy canes that everyone will get to take home with them. They’re going to have wishes for the new year taped to them. One last reminder of how loved they are from us to each of them! Feel free to steal that if you need to, because I find it to be easy and fun! I’m going to pass them out in my special Solstice Yin class too. Super excited about that one.

Unrelated side note–this week is the last crazy week I have this season at work. Next week I work less and the holiday parties start! Also, I am going to be cooking my ass off and I couldn’t be more excited. Oh, and I have a bunch of grading to do, but that will be fine. I also have a list of things I want to accomplish around the house this holiday break. I work for the university and the community college so they have nice long breaks where all I have to worry about is take yoga classes, teach them, and get this random list of things done. Does anyone else get excited about organizing? I’m super excited about it. And finally getting around to painting the trim in the house, b/c last year when we painted we didn’t finish the trim (it’s the worst part that is why!).

Anyway, I hope everyone is geared up for a nice holiday season. Take time to focus on the fact that this time of year is about more than giving people gifts. Spend time with them. Bake them some cookies. Plan an afternoon of fun together. It doesn’t have to be things (or food!). Hold the door for someone. Smile at the cashier and ask them how their day has been. Act decent to others and if you do get upset at someone, take a breath and react like a person. Don’t get pissed you had to wait in line. And just allow yourself to enjoy the time, especially where the lights twinkle. Find some magic in your surroundings, and do your best to forget the stupid shit and simply enjoy your life in the moment. It could be your present to yourself <3.

Tomorrow is St Nick for those of you who celebrate, Happy St Nick! And for those of you who don’t celebrate, Happy St Nick! Here is a link to what it is. St Nicholas Day My family has a deep German heritage and we celebrate this each year. It also happened to be my Great Grandmother’s birthday, and my second cousin’s new birthday. He will be one tomorrow. Anyway, it’s a beautiful little holiday during the holiday season.

Enjoy your day! Wherever it may take you.

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