Yoga for All, take 2!

Started teaching in a new location, at a new time, two days a week (Mon & Wed). But the first day no one came–and that’s ok. I have had plenty of classes where no one came before. When I first started teaching for a local non-profit I showed up maybe 6 weeks in a row and no one showed up. It doesn’t phase me. The way I see it is as long as I always show up then the class was a success. I show up prepared and determined and it’s good. I don’t do it for the money, so that’s not a problem.

The new place is lovely!!! There’s a twinkle

Wall! A whole wall of lights! It’s beautiful. And the best view of any studio I have been in! 9th floor overlooking historic downtown, sign me up!

Today is my second class. If no one comes, which is likely, I will use the opportunity to take some photos of myself in the space! Get myself a short practice in before I go into the other job.

Wish me luck! And it is the last day of school at the university where I teach. They are turning in final projects today. I have to get them graded! Quickly. And feed the cats! On my way back from yoga I will feed them!

Back to my coffee and a few moments of quiet on this chilly morning! We are half way through the first week of December! Eek!

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