Resolution Generator

Ha! Just kidding! I don’t have one of those to share, but I do have an idea for my New Years Resolution! Be more mindful with my time. The time I spend on devices, the time I spend outside, the time I spend moving my body, cooking, washing dishes (it’s been a year of hand washing and I think I have it figured out!). Does that make sense? So, being aware of the actions I have in a day.

I refuse to be the girl who says she wants to lose weight in the new year. To me at this point it is a trigger. Not one that sends me off the deep end, but one that does make me annoyed. Mainly because we don’t have to be thin to be worth it, ya know? Lizzo has been screaming the message, and I chose to be happy with the girl in front of me. She’s accomplished so much in her life! And I am profoundly proud of her for being who she is and doing what she does.

So yeah, that’s what I had to document for the resolutions of the future. 😊

Happy Tuesday!

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