New Year, Who dis?

Can y’all believe that it is about to be a completely new year, and decade for that matter? Like, what? Where did the time go? As a kid I used to think old people were crazy for saying that time speeds up, but they were correct.

Did you participate in the 10 year thing on facebook (it was a thing earlier in the year and again recently)?  Looking back on 2009 and what I was doing then and where I saw my future going is NOT where it has ended up. I did however, in this 10 years, accomplish a lot and managed to cross some things off my bucket list. For half of this decade I have been teaching at the school I said I would when I graduated from there in Undergrad. I taught for the department I said I would teach for–back then I assumed it would be MUCH later in life, but hey here we are.

I never anticipated Yoga Teacher to be on my list of accomplishments either. To be real I didn’t know anything about yoga ten years ago. I was just starting out on my journey to being more healthy. Fighting lots of battles. And going through a number of hard years. Yet here I am, accomplished.

I have been stressing about my next big personal goal. Teaching at my alma mater was the only real goal I had, and now I don’t know what the next goal is going to be. And I’ve been here since I started teaching. I don’t know what the next move is. Trying to survive has been a big focus. Being an adjunct teacher is not the most stable work, and you never really know how things are going to turn out until you find out. The beauty of academia, I suppose. However, the rest of my jobs are fairly comfortable right now. I just added 2 more yoga classes to my week. Today was the first day, and no one came. I anticipated this, so I am not upset by it. Word has to get around still.

It is a really cool space though! I really like it. The view is AMAZING and the sun comes in the windows as it rises. I’m hopeful and dedicated to making these classes work. And bringing Yoga For All to the community where I live.

When I first began taking yoga classes in public I had the challenge of adjusting the practice for me. Being a self identifying Fat girl, I am usually the biggest person in the room. Actually, I’ve always been the biggest person in the room. Either way, I figured out how to move myself in ways that allowed me to practice yoga easily. Once I was trained to be a yoga teacher I wanted to be inclusive of all people, but I didn’t know how to go about doing that. For a couple of years I have taught everything from flow style, Yin, Restorative, and was not sure how to go about attracting folks to the classes I taught.

Earlier this year I took the Yoga for All training with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes. It dealt with adapting to folks with bigger bodies, various restrictions, and inclusive space. There were also veins of body positivity and other fun things like that. It was everything I wanted it to be. It was everything I had been looking for! They provided 35 hours of training to help others find yoga that is perfect for the body they have, instead of the marketed white, thin, profoundly flexible, tan, blonde woman in a matching outfit.

This is a movement to build love and compassion for ourselves through accessible yoga. Being able to adjust and make things slightly different in order to make it available for someone is an amazing opportunity! And it doesn’t exclude anyone. Why should we do that? The profound love we have for ourselves is attainable. We just have to put in the work!

And as a teacher I recognize that everyone is somewhere different on their journey, and we’re all coming together at different places. It is my job to be able to offer someone no matter where they are an option for their body. I enjoy the challenge!

Additionally, I have decided to save all money earned from yoga classes. I want to put the positive energy I am creating to be used for something good. I don’t know what or how long it will take for me to save it, but I’m making this pact with myself now. Maybe I’ll take a training or go on another crazy trip around the world. We shall see.

I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to begin to utilize this outlet again. I’m excited to write and share my experiences with you again. I am working on building my empire, and this is all part of it.

Happy Monday, Happy December, Happy Last month of the Decade. ❤

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