Halloween Thoughts

Good morning, and Happy Halloween!

I’m blogging from this apartment for the last time. I couldn’t be more excited, and yet fairly overwhelmed. So much to do, so little time. So much money to exchange hands in such a small amount of time! GAH. I’ve been thinking about how much I can’t stand this place anymore, how annoying and rude my neighbors are, how poorly the management is of the property, etc. And while I have gone through far more bullshit than any one person should go through dealing with the place they live, I am thankful for the time here. It was a good run overall. This place was in my path, and the shit I dealt with was too. It was where I figured out how I wanted to do things in my life. It is where I learned to be comfortable being myself. I also learned to take the drama as it came to me, instead of anticipating it from the start.

I thought I might blog about how I have grown as a person and what I have learned about myself while staying in this space, but I don’t really want to do that now. I really just want to talk about how letting go of things is pretty refreshing and yet terrifying, and can lead to overwhelming feelings. I’m getting rid of or have gotten rid of SO much stuff. Mattresses, chairs, couch, dishes, DVDs, other random furniture, and most importantly my bedroom suite is being picked up today at 2. I am consigning it, so hopefully someone out there will see it and love it and need it. 11 years, almost 12, with this furniture. So many moves and memories. The only thing that makes me truly happy about it, is that I don’t have to move it again. Because it’s a beast. The furniture is huge! And made out of real wood so it is pretty epic, and so damn heavy. Anyway, it is officially going to be someone else’s problem. I loved it, but now it is time for a change. All over.

I was talking to a friend of mine about it. She recently moved as well, but has spent her time unpacking just throwing away things that she should have ditched before packing it up. And through our talk we both were saying how a full 180 change was needed in these new spaces. I’m going from 3 windows to 7. I have no outside space here and I will have my own patio in the new space. The sun sets on my patio. I will have space to grow herbs and flowers (in containers of course). I honestly cannot wait. I will have counter space in the kitchen. And even though it is a MUCH smaller space, I honestly can’t wait to explore the possibilities. I’m going to have to be creative! And I’m excited about that too.

My poor cat is not sure what to think of the whole situation. She’s enjoyed climbing around on the boxes stacked in the living room, but is also very unsure of all of the happenings. She’s curled up with me on the bed right now, making sure to stay close. Like I’m going to leave and not take her with me. Silly kitty! She’s going to die over all the window sleeping options, and the actual sunshine that will come into the house. Lots of warm spots to lay about. And a new  couch to get hair all over and sadly, no carpet to rip up. I guess that’s what the couch is for? lol I hope not!

I’m quite thankful for the opportunity to have this time to reflect this morning. My students have an exam today, online, which means that I can focus on stuff around here. Also my pick up time for the furniture is literally the time class would have started lol, SOoooo that worked out well, no?

In other news, because I know everyone is so ever hearing me talk about moving, I have been really focusing some time on my German everyday. It has been 20 days straight (21 counting today, but I haven’t practiced yet). Additionally, I have wrecked my back because of over stretching in yoga and then lifting all these boxes and such for so long. If it weren’t for tiger balm, I’m not sure I could walk much these days. It really is a life saver right now. Normally, when no one comes to my yoga classes I am discouraged, but yesterday no one came and I was thrilled. Just because I didn’t have it in me to do it. The universe answered my prayers. Otherwise, yoga is going fine. I signed up for 7 more weeks at the Harrelson Center working with their staff. I am also using it as a way to stay grounded during this whole starting fresh process. My Saturday class has been well attended and I led my first guided meditation last week. The ladies enjoyed it, and said I had a golden voice! I laughed when she said it, and confessed that it was a softer version of my phone voice. It was really nice to hear though. I was a bit nervous about it!

So once I get moved in tomorrow, and finish cleaning at this old apartment (I have until Sunday, but plan to be done by Friday) I have some big news to share. I just haven’t found the right way to say it yet. It will come to me!

Hope everyone has a lovely Halloween 2017! Be festive and embrace the holiday! Because, you know, Christmas starts tomorrow lol.

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