Falling into Bliss

Top of the morning to y’all! I can’t even begin to explain how thrilled I am with life right now. I’ve been working my butt off to make sure that things get done. My yoga certification was a big one, and now that it is over things keep falling into place. It’s bananas.

During training we talked about how the things you put out into the world can manifest themselves. Not only am I putting myself out there, but I’m not afraid to do it anymore. I used to sit and hesitate, making excuses that I wasn’t good enough to do XYZ. But here’s the kicker, I’m better than good enough. I am perfection in my imperfection. Do I still screw up? of course! Do I still have setbacks? Of course! But it is all in the way you handle things. And now things that used to bother me and that I would stress about, do not have the same effect.

Yesterday I went to do yoga with some kids in their after school program. Super high energy and crazy after school as all kids usually are. So sweet though. They just want attention from new people most of the time, especially the younger ones. One of the hot topics was my blue shirt and how it was soooo pretty. One girl wanted to do my hair. And two of them, sisters, had to sit next to me and lean on me for a while. When it was time to do stuff, they mostly chimed in. Being the first time the kids were sometimes confused as to what was going on, but they picked up on things pretty well. At the end, 3 of the boys who were probably 2-3rd grade sat and meditated. One of them obviously does it regularly because I’m pretty sure he zoned out for a good few minutes. After we cleaned up the mats he even went to the reading corner and continued to breathe and stay quiet. This is all because the elementary school he goes to offers yoga. I have done some work at his school, and I am so glad to see that these kids are actually taking their practice home. Just goes to show that teaching mindfulness is vital to children. It gives them an outlet they may never have had before.

Once I got home from after school I had an email from my boss at the University where I teach. She wanted to know if I wanted an extra class. Of course I did! So as I sit here we are figuring out what hours and such, so the Registrar’s office can make it reality. I will be honest, I was kinda nervous about not having 3 classes. 3 classes means I will have my bills paid. I was making the steps to have yoga classes make up the missing income, but now I don’t have to stress about that as much. And I am SUPER thankful for that. I am working on other things too, and hopefully they will come into reality but for now they are floating in the ether.

Got on the scale this morning. Down 6 pounds. I assume it is from the increased hours of yoga and not eating as much. That’ll do it right? Move more and eat less. Life is beautiful. I did have a weird dream about eating glass last night. Apparently it is a cue to shut up, or that I have said something to hurt others. Probably because I told Zack to shhhhh during Game of Thrones last night (Yes I watched it a few days late). He didn’t appreciate it and was ill with me for a bit. Obviously that translated into my dream. I will say that the glass eating was all too real in that I could feel it crunching in my teeth. And I remember thinking, oh this is crunchy! and then looking down to see it was a glass elephant that I was eating, so I spit it out because passing glass through the body didn’t seem like a good idea. Pretty sure i had swallowed some already though. Dreams are weird. Lesson learned in multiple ways.

So, that is about it for today. The only other news is my business cards shipped this morning and I am super excited to see them in person. Here’s to the future! Also, remember that what you put out into the world, you get back. Put good things out there and good will come back to you!


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