Holy Crap!

Hey Guys!

What an awesome day today has been. My lemons are still a pressing issue, but I’m taking the time to not focus on them. I just finished some work for my online art class, and got the final version of my logo!

You will notice it up there at the top of your screen. ^^^^^^

Indigo is the color of the third eye chakra. Elephants are my favorite animal and often associated with yoga through the god Ganesha. But I picked having the elephant in the stance of peaceful warrior, and counter stretch to warrior II. Virabhadrasana II is a powerful stance that brings strength to our legs, core, and arms. It is a stance that we visit often in a yoga sequence, along with Virabhadrasana I and III, to complete the warrior trio. It is reenacting a powerful scene of love, sadness, compassion, rage, and forgiveness. For yogis we practice these poses to find a way to establish balance in our own lives, and help balance the ego that we fight constantly.

Peaceful Warrior or Shanti Virabhadrasana gives us a moment of rest and a way to regain some peace within ourselves before we reenter the fate of the warrior to continue our fights. It is a pose that I find comfort in, and a good stretch to the back.

The elephant itself is not male or female, but rather a combination of both. The body is not slender or thin as the body of a normal yogi is shown, but rather a body with imperfections. I wanted something that was inclusive to everyone–no matter how you identify gender wise, body type, or however else you are different from me or anyone else. I wanted to create something that included everyone, and I think that my friend Adam has done an amazing job creating this image for me. He managed to tap into all of the things that I felt were important and found a way to portray them beautifully. A huge thanks goes out to him for his time and dedication to helping me get this thing off the ground.

Things are coming together. Slowly but surly. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I hope you guys will hang out and see what happens!

Please take a moment to share with your friends if you are so compelled!

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