Balancing Chakras

I have been aware of Chakras for a long time. My mom was really into Kabbala when I was a kid, in addition to a lot of pagan things. But it wasn’t until now that I’m actually figuring out just how off balance I really am. Just a couple of revelations I have had recently.

Thinking about the colors I am drawn to vs colors that I am not a fan of is an interesting concept. I’m a fan of cool colors–blue, purple, green. I’m not that big a fan of warm colors–red, orange, yellow. I’m only biased against them because the don’t look good when I wear them. I have very pink, pale skin so warm colors just make me look washed out most of the time. So I stay away.

The warm colors correspond with the root, sacral, and solar-plexus. I can’t help but think that my aversion to these colors in such a simple way, is an indication of them being out of line? I’m sure they’re all not balanced, because I just assume all the years of neglect will do that. A lot of issues stem from these places too. The PCOS that I have effects my ovaries, so that is the Sacral Chakra. I also have issues with my self confidence which radiates from the Solar Plexus. That one seems to be getting healed through the yoga training. I always feel like I have so much more self worth when I leave. Each weekend we spend learning, I feel much more alive and confident. That one, I’m not so worried about. I’m not as detested by the color red, and I find that so much of my diet is red, and I really wish I could pull off red clothing, but again, I cannot. Pink I’m not as bad with. Maybe the root is doing better than I would have previously thought.

The other four chakras correspond with Green, Blue, Indigo, and purple/white. I love these colors. But that still doesn’t mean that my chakras are aligned. When I lived in New York City I got strep throat 7 times in one year which resulted in them taking out my tonsils. The throat chakra is blue, and I often struggle with blue. I enjoy it, it makes me feel cool, but at the same time I stay away from it more often. My throat used to get a lot of abuse. I smoked cigarettes from the time I was 15 until not that long ago (so 15+ years). I used to sing a lot though, which keeps that chakra open to an extent. So, again, that one is not balanced. It has suffered a lot of trauma.

I need to work on balancing all of them, but I think orange and blue are the big ones for the moment.

My yoga teacher gave my class a list of questions that we are supposed to journal. I’ve been working on them slowly but surely and I want to do more. They have helped me so much, just to focus on one thing and see what I get out of it. The questions I have the hardest time with are the ones that I don’t know how to explain. Those questions deal with what I believe in and similar ideas. As someone who didn’t believe in anything for a very long time, my spirituality has started to awaken since I started my practice. Finding my connection with the world around me, comfort in the here and now, not dwelling on the future or in the past. It has been nice learning to forgive myself for things that I hated about myself. All of these questions have helped me focus on all of these things, come to terms with issues that I never thought I would get over. It has been so beautiful and almost magical.

In figuring out and trying to balance my chakras I’m going to focus on a few poses that ignite the sacral and throat chakras. In case you’re interested, those include

  • Cobra Pose
  • Reclined Bound Angle
  • Bridge Pose
  • Fish Pose
  • Feet Up the Wall/shoulder stand/plow pose

These don’t only focus on these two chakras, but they help others as well. Next I’m going to see about finding some fun chants for my throat and sing away all the problems.

What are some of your favorite balancing postures for chakras? Please share!

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